A curious and a creative dude from Portugal.

As far as I can remember, I always gravitated for creative activities. Drawing, making piles of dirt and pretendig it’s a race track, playing with clay, cutting and gluing wood, and many other things, were part of my life as young kid. And I always had a weird fascination by tools and machines which made me stare to construction workers as they were building whatever they were building.

All of this was inherited by my parents. My dad used to make clay pieces when he was younger, and he works at a local store selling tools and machines. My mom used to build and paint furniture, she’s also a tool geek, and has an entrepreneur spirit that was passed to me too.

Academic life

Back when I was on basic school we had a discipline called EV (translates to Visual Education), which was my favorite and where I excelled. This made me choose an arts school to enroll for my secondary school (the equivalent to high school).

2012 was the beginning of my 3 year ride as a student of António Arroio Arts School, where I studied industrial design.

At the time my mom had a small local store where we live, and she needed a website. Because of that, I discovered the world of UI, UX, web design and programming and never looked back ever since. This ended up in me working at a small start-up in Lisbon while finishing the industrial design course, and I quickly came up to the conclusion that I was not going to university.


Today I’m still part of the team that I joined at Hole19 back in 2015. We build amazing products for golfers to get connected and improve their game.

I sometimes do some client work, mostly designing and coding websites and I also have some personal projects. At the moment I’m focused on building Mark2 Media and turning into my first profitable business.

And because I believe we should always be learning, I’m always looking to gain knowledge in different areas. I love to code so that’s usually where I dig the most (I’m currently learning ReactJS), but I recently got my feet wet in Adobe After Effects.

Jim Rohn said “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” I believe in that. To learn and improve myself, wether personally of work related is at the top of my priorities.

For fun

Everyone has hobbies right? I myself love to build (or try to) wood furnite, driving and fixing my old Volkswagen. The only requirement is that I need to get myself out of the computer and do something with my hands.

I’m sure I’ll end up finding other interesting activity that I’ll add to my hobbies list, but for now that’s what I do!