Asking Why

In these last few months I’ve been deep into improving myself, and trying to find clarity in my goals and in my life. One of the things I’ve been quite interested in, is asking “why?”. Why am I doing x? I’m starting to use this almost as a way of cleaning my thoughts because I tend to overthink everything.

An example: if I’m walking around in the shopping centre and spot a cool pair of sneakers that I think I might buy, I ask myself: why do I want to buy them? If my internal answer defaults to something like “just because” or even worse: “because other people will think I’m cool with these”, sorry Vasco, but you won’t get new sneakers today!

I know this is kind of an over-simplified example, but it’s the most effective way I could find to explain this.

So, why?

Why am I writing this right now, even knowing that, besides me, no one’s reading? Because: I want to improve my writing skills, I want to gradually connect with like-minded people, and because I want to look back in 10, 20 or 30 years, read this, and understand the progress I made in all those years.

That’s why! 😊